For what its like to be so faggy, reach out. For what its like to be me, look no further. will soon be your only hope. Pictures of triangles, death threats, offers of large sums of money to be directed here.

I am a 19 year old studying neuroscience. If I was as intelligent as that made me sound I would likely be spending my time learning woodworking. I have dedicated a lot of time and passion to this pursuit, you would be hard pressed to get me to talk about any other topic. More specifically I am interested in Autism Spectrum Disorder and how that might impact how you hear things. I also do other things

Other things I do might include:

  • sleeping (masterfully)
  • knitting (proficient)
  • crochet (better than most)
  • sewing (green)
  • using disposable film cameras to take foggy pictures (excellent)
  • read about body piercing/body mutilation (shocking)
  • lick nipples (shocking)
  • I am also interested in how to be less consumerist. This goes hand in hand with my general concern for the climate and environment. Mostly I spend a lot of time thinking about our clothing (thank you Bernadette Banner), food, and cosmetics. I may dedicate some time to making a page specifically on this topic. Mostly this might turn out to be a lot of dunking on "eco-friendly" businesses and pages upon pages about how soap is soap.